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[Yellow Floral] Triple Strap Back Leotard w/ Ruffles on Hips

[Yellow Floral] Triple Strap Back Leotard w/ Ruffles on Hips

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 * In general this leotard runs true to size. They are milksilk (soft and stretchy). NOTE: The neck opening on these is very small/tight/fitted. The highest strap is up high. It can be cut off to allow more room to get the head through. There is a photo of a little one in the camper leotard that shows one after being cut to be a double strap back leotard. All sizes have snaps.


Shiloh is 2 around 36lbs 34 inches wearing a 2t with rtg

Ella is 24 lbs, 34” tall wearing a 2T

Brielle is 40” 38# wearing a 4t with a little RTG

Lillie (left) is 39lb and 43”; Harper (right) is 33 lb and 43” wearing the flamingo leotard. They are both wearing a size 5 with plenty of room to grow for torso length.

Annie is around 41lbs 44.5 inches tall wearing a size 5 with a perfect fit with a little RTG. 

Avery is approx. 41 lbs. 44" in "most 5s". She is wearing the 5T with a great fit. We had to squeeze her head in the opening so cut the top strap and fits perfect now ;-)

Madi Wearing 6t tts; cut the top strap to fit better

Claire is 44 inches tall, 54 pounds and wearing the 8. There is a little Room to Grow but not not much.

49”46# 8t with RTG

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