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[Plaid + Evergreen] Fur Blanket (READ INFO!!!!!!)

[Plaid + Evergreen] Fur Blanket (READ INFO!!!!!!)



* Blankets are a milksilk style fabric. They are super soft/silky. The fur is super soft!

* The fur blanket edging is a "raw" stitch. There is NO ruffle or edging on ANY SIZE (due to the thickness of the fur this was the only option).


* Swaddle 

Approx. 34" x 36"

NO pocket; 2 prints on that side will be sewn together but "flat" with no pocket

ALL versions will have a trim edge and NO ruffle

* Large 

Approx. 38" x 47"

Zippered pocket on bottom of one side

* Extra Large

Approx. 53" x 70"

Zippered pocket on bottom of one side


* NO refunds/exchanges (see our Facebook group for Resale page info)

These adorable blankets are a must-have. They are cute and kids love them! Each side has a different print. The larger sizes have an amazing zippered pockets for kids to store their "goodies" in (perfect for toys, stuffed animals, books & snacks).

Swaddle blanket have trim edge on all styles and no pockets. They are great for swaddling babies, floor play, and snuggling.

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