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[Lime Green Suede] Pipperdoodles Bow Shoes

[Lime Green Suede] Pipperdoodles Bow Shoes



💚 This is a new material and the FIRST time we have had it!...suede and so soft (like actual suede not brushed like the black)! I'm saying lime but it's crazy because like many other they seem like many different shades. They can appear bright/neon to dark lime depending on the outfit and lighting.

💚 This will be such a fun color for summer!!!! It's perfect to pair with watermelon, rainbow, fruit & Tinkerbell outfits....but oh so pretty with all the floral prints with green leaves/accents!

💚 The edges of the bows may seem darker because of the suede being cut. The meeting of the suede with the soles can have a little green hue. When the glue hits the green it can appear darker where they meet the sole as well. These are not considered imperfections! It's due to the material and manufacturing process and can't be avoided.

All shoes run the same size-wise but vary in shoe color and material. The smaller sizes 4/21 through 8/25 have a smaller bow and sizes 9/26 up and a larger bow. The buckle is for looks and is really Velcro. Bows are stitched onto the shoe.


Sizing suggestions are based on majority of customer reviews! Measure if you are unsure (stand child with back of heel against wall and measure to tip of their big toe). Please account for growth or preferred fit!

US size is listed on the shoe and box but is not accurate for all sizes!! How they run is listed with each size selection and is based on customer reviews. Please refer to the chart for suggested fit (for example if your child wears "most US 10s" that is like our Pips size 12. You can refer to the size chart on this post. You can also refer to this sizing thread that has customer reviews by size. Pipperdoodles & Pip Squeak's Boutique

In general smallest sizes are true to size and as size increases they run smaller. The largest sizes run the smallest. Reviews can vary because some people prefer a "just right" fit, some like room to grow, some where alone, some pair with socks and tights, etc. 


RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ARE NOT ACCEPTED!!!! If you purchase a size that doesn't fit or purchase the wrong size incorrectly you can re-sell on our re-sale page Pipperdoodles & Pip Squeak's Boutique BST.

These shoes are hand-cut and hand-sewn. They are then adhered to the rubber soles. There will be glue markings around the soles on all shoes (light brush strokes might even be seen). There can be "gathering/bumping" of the material around corners of the soles. These are not considered flaws and are characteritics of the shoe from how they are made! Some shoes hardly show it and others you can see it on every pair; the color and texture of the shoe material varies so it shows differently on each one. Flaws include more obvious and noticeable marks (glue, knicks, material imperfections), bent bows, etc.

These shoes are considered a dress shoe. They CAN scuff! They are not intended to be worn to daycare, to play outside with, etc. Many and most customers do purchase to wear for these intentions but we are not responsible for damages!!!!




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