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Pipperdoodles Floral Cork Boots w/ Buckles

Pipperdoodles Floral Cork Boots w/ Buckles



These are our first Pipperdoodles CORK boots!

* The two cork options are gold speck cork and floral cork.

* They are a slimmer fit boot featuring faux buckles and shoes strings.

* They have a zipper to get on/off.


These do NOT run according to US size. In general you have to size up. Boot size chart measurements are insole measurements. We suggest measuring and adding 0.5" (and also take into account things below).


✔️ These are a different company and size chart than the bow shoes! It's the same company and size chart as our sandals BUT........see next check mark.

✔️ These are an enclosed style since they are boots and are a FITTED style.......(size up if you plan to wear with socks, want growing room, more ease to get on).

✔️ Laces are decorative! They are "faux" shoestrings. There is a zipper to get on/off. The laces are delicate and will break if pulled on. They are custom and will not be replaced.

✔️ These boots are LIMITED! We will NOT reorder!

Sizing suggestions are based on majority of customer reviews!


RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ARE NOT ACCEPTED!!!! If you purchase a size that doesn't fit or purchase the wrong size incorrectly you can re-sell on our re-sale page Pipperdoodles & Pip Squeak's Boutique BST.

These boots CAN scuff! They are not intended to be worn to daycare, to play outside with, etc. Many and most customers do purchase to wear for these intentions but we are not responsible for damages!!! If you choose to wear them for playing vs. dressing up, you are assuming the risk of potential scuffs!




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