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[Yellow] Pipperdoodles Bow Shoes

[Yellow] Pipperdoodles Bow Shoes


 The smaller sizes 4/21 through 8/25 have a smaller bow and sizes 9/26 up and a larger bow. The gold is a lighter gold and has a smoother finish (the gold does not come off like glitter). Depending how light hits it the color can change from a matte looking gold to a shiner gold. In general though it is a lighter gold not a brass hue.

The buckle is for looks and is really Velcro. They have an iridescent shimmer to them and appear different shades when the light hits them.

SIZING is based on majority of customer reviews! Measure if you are unsure (stand child with back of heel against wall and measure to tip of their big toe). Please account for growth or preferred fit!

US size is listed on the shoe and box but is not accurate for all sizes so how they run is listing with each size selection and is based on customer reviews. Please refer to the chart for suggested fit (for example if your child wears "most US 10s" that is like our size 12.

ALL shoe colors run the same they are just different colors.



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