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This listing is for FLAWED bow shoes. They are NON-RETURNABLE. If you do not want them after purchase you can sell on our re-sale page. 

The body of the shoes is fine and NOT flawed. There is no physical problem with wearing the shoes.

The flaws are cosmetic. The majority of navy ones have bent bows/bow creases. They are considered very flawed just because of the dark color the imperfections are more noticeable. Each shoe varies so there are no photos. They can range from subtle imperfections that you might not even notice after looking for them to more obvious imperfections. These are still great for everyday wear and other ideas for wear including having a spare pair, daycare pair, or pair for Grandma's house. If you have never owned a pair and want to try sizing it might be nice to start with a discounted pair as well.

Flaws can include any or all of the following (as each pair differs): material flaws (knicks, scrapes), bow flaws (bent, crinkled, creased, cut flaws), glue marks and other marks. 

 The smaller sizes 4/21 through 8/25 have a smaller bow and sizes 9/26 up and a larger bow.

The cork fabic is faux cork (smooth). It varies between batches due to what is available on the market and how the cork prints. The buckle is for looks and is really Velcro.

SIZING is based on majority of customer reviews! Measure if you are unsure (stand child with back of heel against wall and measure to tip of their big toe). Please account for growth or preferred fit!

US size is listed on the shoe and box but is not accurate for all sizes so how they run is listing with each size selection and is based on customer reviews. Please refer to the chart for suggested fit (for example if your child wears "most US 10s" that is like our size 12.

ALL shoe colors run the same they are just different colors.

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