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"Hippity Hoppity" [Purple Bunny] Long Sleeve Milksilk Dress (Runs Generous)

"Hippity Hoppity" [Purple Bunny] Long Sleeve Milksilk Dress (Runs Generous)



This dress runs big! Many customers say an entire size. The baby sizes run even larger! If you want it fitted/vintage length it seems you could size down 2 sizes in the baby sizes. 

The fabric is milksilk and is very soft, smooth and lightweight. They are the perfect "everyday" dress (some little ones even want to sleep in them they are so soft & comfy).

Below are some stats from little ones that have worn this style in the past:

Claire is 25 lbs. 33” and wears XS 12-18 months

Callan Kay is 24 pounds and 32" tall. She is wearing a size 12-18m. We would get 9-12 to fit shorter:)

28 lbs & 36.25" Wearing a 2t with RTG in the neck, length (a little) and arms

27 lbs and 37” wearing a 2T! Perfect fit!

Reagan is 30# and 37" wearing a 2t with RTG (she can wear XS 12/18 fitted with vintage length)

Sammy is wearing a size 2 in this dress and the fit is absolutely perfect!! She is about 32 lbs and 39.5”.

Brynlee is wearing a Sz 2. She is 35 lbs and 39”. Fits perfectly.

Bella is wearing size 2T with perfect fit. 39" & 35 lbs. I would not size up, but I prefer dresses that are more vintage length.

Vivian is 27 lbs and 37” wearing a 3T with plenty of room to grow. We will be sizing down to 2T.

Lillie and Harper are 3.5 years old, 33/37 pounds, and 40ish inches. They were wearing a 2T for a perfect vintage fit. They could wear a 3T for more RTG.

Stella is 34lbs and 39” tall wearing a size 2T with a perfect fit!!

Brielle is 35 pounds 40 inches wearing 2T with perfect fit (can wear 3T with RTG and longer length)

Paislie is 35 lbs and 38 inches, wearing a 3T with RTG. We would get a 2T for a better fit.

Savannah is 5yrs/34lbs/42inches tall in a 3T

Brooklyn is in a size 3- she’s 42 inches and 34 lbs. It fits her perfect with a little room!

Ella is 38 lbs and 40" wearing a size 3t with perfect fit

Annie is 41 lbs 43.5 inches wearing a size 4 with RTG it hits her mid knee. She could definitely wear a size 3 for a shorter length.

Sophia is 6 yrs, 44.5", 38lbs wearing a size L4T

Ashlynn is in a 4T. She’s 45 inches tall and 40 lbs. It fits perfect with RTG

Jessa is 47 in tall and about 50 # wearing 2XL 6/7T

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