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Leopard & Black/White Stripe Ruffle Knit Blanket

Leopard & Black/White Stripe Ruffle Knit Blanket


These adorable blankets are a must-have. They are cute and kids love them! Each side has a different print.

There are 3 sizes:

Mini (carseat size which is great for a baby and for using in a carseat) is approx. 23" x 24"

Regular (regular size which is the approx. size of "most" baby blankets) is approx. 22" x 29" (with ruffle 27" x 34") the photos Avery is holding the regular size.

Large (toddler size) is approx. 29" x 39" (with ruffle 34" x 44")

Size can vary depending on if there is a ruffle. They are hand-cut as well so measurements are approximate. Some will have our brand logo and others will not (they were added after several were already made).


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