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Noah's Ark Mural Rectangle Lap Blanket

Noah's Ark Mural Rectangle Lap Blanket

$15.99 $36.00

These adorable blankets are a must-have. They are cute and kids love them! Each side has a different print.

There are 3 sizes. SIZES CAN VARY. These are the measurements we submitted but the actual size can be a few inches off on each one due to ruffle or no ruffle and the print itself (the way some of the prints had to be printed and the shape of some of the murals).

Size 1 (marked M) approx. 23" x 33"

Size 2 (Marked L) approx. 23" x 36"

Size 3 (Marked XL)approx. 27" x 41"

They are hand-cut as well and some prints were "murals" which had to be printed with certain dimensions so measurements are approximate and can vary. Some will have our brand logo and others will not (they were added after several were already made).

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